Twitter is testing to hide direct messages. Unwanted messages are not fun now

Twitter is testing a current feature which is able to automatically hide direct messages that its automatic systems assume may perhaps be offensive. in associate passing short GIF denote by the company, the new section is also seen at intervals the app’s existing “Message requests” folder, that’s where Twitter puts any messages sent to you by users you don’t follow. From there, you’d have the selection of viewing “additional messages, along with those that may contain offensive content,” and Twitter will give you with a road to be ready to quickly delete any messages simply} just don’t want to examine.

Un-wanted messages aren’t fun,” a tweet declarative the check reads. “So we tend to square measure testing a filter in your Direct Message requests to remain those out of sight, and out of mind.”

Twitter already encompasses the same filtering feature for replies to tweets that it introduced back in 2017. Scroll down the replies of any moderately well-liked tweet, and chances are that, you’ll see a little button that permits you to signifies any replies that “may contain offensive content.” If the fecundity of this tool is any sign, then expect Twitter’s new Direct Message filter to dam loads of messages supported the use of swear words alone since it’ll already usually block otherwise inoffensive replies just because they drop Associate in Nursing F-bomb or two.

The new choices unit an area of a broader push by Twitter to chop back the degree of abuse some users suffer on its platform. Earlier this year, it boasted that it’s recouping at automatically detection abusive tweets rather than desperate to admit them being reportable directly, for example. you may argue that it might be easier to simply ban users international organization agency post offensive content before it turns into targeted abuse, but doing so is externally a lot of sturdy than it sounds.

If Twitter’s latest check becomes a reality, then it’s going to somewhat be another good way of reducing the amount of abusive content the everyday person is exposed to. However, Twitter has been testing loads of recent choices recently, and few of them square measure discharged. Here’s hoping this latest feature doesn’t get unfree throughout this testing half.

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