PS4’s DualShock Four Controller have eye-catching design and Colors These are Controllers, but make them fashionable

Sony’s DualShock four controller for the PS4 already has dozens of color variants, however, that’s not stopping the corporate from asserting a couple of a lot of today: electrical purple, Ti blue, rose gold, and red camouflage (for mixing into a bright red forest).

All four controllers feature a refined (or, within the case of the red camouflage, not-so-subtle) two-tone color scheme. the electrical purple model, especially, is obtaining some further aptitude within the type of all-white icons for the face buttons in situ of Sony’s painting red/inexperienced/pink/blue colors.

As is typical for non-black DualShock four controllers, the new colorways are accessible for $64.99 in the Gregorian calendar month. That’s $5 over the quality (boring) version, that starts at $59.99 before the frequent discounts it tends to urge.

If you’re an addict of the rose gold color, there’s a lot of sensible news: Sony is cathartic an identical version of its gold Wireless telephone receiver for the PS4, smartly referred to as the “rose gold Wireless telephone receiver,” for $99.99 in the Gregorian calendar month.

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